Green Initiatives

Environmental Commitment

In everything we do, we are dedicated to reducing waste and conserving our valuable resources.  Here is just a sampling of our eco-friendly hotel initiatives:

Energy conservation:

We install energy-efficient light bulbs in each room and encourage our guests to reuse towels and sheets to conserve water, energy and laundering costs.

Recycling and waste conservation:

All paper products are separated into recycle bins.  In addition, all doors and windows are properly weather stripped and/or caulked, non-revolving entry doors are kept closed, and air ducts are sealed and insulated.

Water conservation:

We maintain energy and water-efficient equipment and clean in cold water to maintain our water resources.


Soaps from guest rooms are brought to the recycle area for pick-up and paper products are taken to maintenance, sorted, and placed in the recycle bin.


We encourage the use of reusable cups and glasses and serve from bulk dispensers whenever possible. After each meeting, leftover literature and other items are sent to recycle bins.